International Conference on Recent Challenges in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICRCSET-2020)

28th & 29th Feb, 2020

Organized by

Chalapathi Institute of Technology (CIT), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
in Association with
Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP)

All accepted papers will be published in a relevant “SCOPUS indexed journal”

About Conference

International Conference on Recent Challenges in Science, Engineering and Technology 2020 (ICRCSET-2020) is to be held on 28th - 29th  February, 2020 at Chalapathi Institute of Technology (CIT), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in association with the Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), Chennai. The Conference provides an opportunity to research scholars, Faculty, Industry Professionals, Delegates and Students to interact and share their experience and knowledge in the fields of Science and Technology. ICRCSET-20 will be an exceptional international forum for sharing knowledge and results in Recent Challenges in Engineering Technology and Science. The aim of the Conference is to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting- edge developments in the relevant fields. An engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for the technological and societal problems. Therefore, an ideal engineer is a composite and to operate at the interface between science and society.

This International Conference on Recent Challenges in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICRCSET-20) can throw up a number of new ideas and solutions to address the present-day challenges in the fields of Science and Engineering. The scope of the conference is broad and covers many aspects of international technology prospectives. This conference aims to provide a scholarly platform for participants to publish their research in reputed International Journals which are indexed by Scopus.

  • ICRCSET-2020 will provide an opportunity to the students of PG and UG to present their innovative thoughts and ideas in front of experts in their respective fields and get their feedback.
  • Attending conferences give you a chance to get a great exposure about the latest technological trends in a different environment.
  • Conferences give you the scope to improve your presentation and communication skills. Rehearsing and giving your talk or poster presentation will make you more comfortable in front of an audience, and you'll learn things like the speed at which you should talk and the amount of detail which you need to give in your explanations. Answering questions after your presentation and chatting with other attendees will help to hone your communication skills.
  • Attending conferences allow you to discover a new place or city where the conference is being held and learn about its people and culture. Many conferences support their attendees with a list of great places they can visit in the conference city or country.
  • ICECSET-2020 will be a perfect platform for faculty to express their innovative thoughts and unique research work at a global platform.
  • The Conference will provide a scope to the faculty who are active in research to interact with session chairs and experts working in relevant fields of their research.
  • Attending an important international conference will make you a known figure in academic circles and it will create an impression that you are an active member of the academic community.
  • ICRCSET-2020 will provide an opportunity for the faculty to publish their papers or articles in reputed journals that are indexed in Scopus.
  • ICRCSET-2020 will create a bridge between industry professionals and academicians, which leads to exchanging of approaches and ideas about technological innovations.
  • The conference will provide a platform for industry professionals to exhibit their recent findings which help to drive the global world.
  • Industry professionals are able to present their views about the requirements of the real-world industry that are to be met by academia to fill the gap between Industry and Academia.
  • Industry professionals can publish their findings in journals which are available for citation by Science Direct, Research Pedia and Academic Library.





Conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Engineering & Technology, Management, Education & Technology and Applied Science

1. Convene the world’s experts to advance knowledge about innovative technologies and present new research findings and promote and enhance global scientific and community collaborations in synergy with other professional associations.

2. Supplement core reading by engaging in a technical discussion.

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